Gorspook 'Spook' Honeywhisper

Ghostwise Hin Druid


Spook is tall and lanky by Hin standards, at 4 ft tall and 52 lbs. Pale skin and curly dark brown hair frame dark, intense eyes. Spook will often be seen with ritualistic ash markings on his face and ash stained finger-tips.
Spook is rarely seen without his wolfhound, She-Who-Wolves-Fear-More-Than-Fire. ‘Fire’ is a massive wardog with pale fur covering the majority of her body. Her face and paws are dark similar to Spook’s ashen markings.
Spook wears a weather worn cloak, leather armor and carries a wooden shield with a small wooden club.


Gorspook, apprentice to Nore’andreoth, companion of She-Who-Wolves-Fear-More-Than-Fire, son of Mellifera, last survivor of the Whispercomb Clan, of the White Raven Tribe in Chondalwood.

Life in Chondalwood was never easy but the White Raven tribe found a balance in a nomadic lifestyle. The Honeywhisper Clan’s role in the tribe was foraging – fruits, nuts, herbs, and primarily honey. I learned foraging from my clan while avoiding assassin vines and shambling mounds, and had a natural talent of “whispering” to wild hives allowing collection of honeycomb.
One day, after foraging on my own, I returned to find camp and kin immolated – only piles of ash and bone remained. I was not there to help my kindred while they were slaughtered. I fled. To this day I do not now who desired the complete destruction of my kin or why.

I wandered, aimless, and because of my shame avoided the rest of the White Ravens. One day I found a wolfhound puppy and caring for the creature gave me a purpose and a reason to survive. Eventually I left Chondalwood.

One day an old druid happened upon us. He called himself Nore’andreoth the Wanderer, and claimed to be from “far off realms”. He decided that we would accompany him to the High Forest where the ancient Earlanni elven kingdom once was. Nore’andreoth became my mentor. During our journey, Nore learned my story and he mentored me in druidic, sharing with me the Ashbound sect teachings – he claimed their teachings would resonate with me.

Upon reaching the High Forest, The Wanderer continued on alone. I waited for several days. He was taxed and exhausted upon his return. I assisted him while he recovered and eventually we journeyed south. Nore’andreoth attempted to share the knowledge he gained, but eventually claimed I was not yet capable enough to learn what he had discovered. The next morning he was gone.

Since that day I and She-Who-Wolves-Fear-More-Than-Fire have begun wandering as my mentor did, seeking to learn what he attempted to share, and protecting the natural order from those who seek to exploit and destroy. I have not found another who knows of the Ashbound sect of druids, perhaps I will meet my mentor again someday.

Gorspook 'Spook' Honeywhisper

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