Galanodel Illunathros

Dashing Moon Elf Bard


Hello there, fellow traveler. Pull up a chair, grab a tankard of ale, and allow me to entertain you with rich tales of legendary figures and songs that will capture your soul. Would you allow me to paint your portrait? For five silver, I’ll make it look just like you. For a gold, I’ll make it handsome. Only kidding, friend.

The name is Galanodel Illunathros and I’ve been traveling for so long that I sometimes forget where I’m from. Ah, yes. Silverymoon, a magnificent city from my recollections. We left when I was young, though. My family has traveled this side of Faerûn for years, performing as a variety show. I would sing and tell stories, my siblings would dance and do acrobatics, and my father and mother could play any instrument. We never earned that much, but it was always about more than gold for us.

The Seldarine have truly blessed our family well, especially Sehahine Moonbow. She blessed us with many talents to share with all. That’s where my name comes from, it’s elvish for “moon whisperer”.

Of course, we tend to get bolder as we get older and I chose to strike out on my own. I do miss my family. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again someday. I love the road, and the road has been good to me.

Speaking of love, I see a vixen flashing a come hither look my way… Safe travels, friend!

Galanodel Illunathros

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