Legends of Loudwater

Goblin Warren / Dwarven Barrow

A deal agreed upon with Lady Moonfire & CPT Harrowleaf to trek to the goblin occupied dwarven barrow and put an end to the goblin threat. The intrepid adventurers took the totem that Curuvar had absconded with and retrieved from Garwan’s Curiosity’s.

They met with traps and goblin resistance, as well as undead remnants of the barrow, but in the end struck a deal with High Shaman Sancossug, the goblin leader who insisted the totem being given back would secure peace and help them usher the return of the Ogre King.

Pardeux felt spiritually that it was right to negotiate and not assail the shaman, he conveyed that to the rest of the party.

The Grey Dawn was hailed as heroes once more after another successful outing that aided Loudwater and the environs.


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