Legends of Loudwater

Bugbear Falls (a.k.a. Razorfell Falls)

My companions and I recuperated from our battle against the foul forces inhabiting the Kine Vault and explored the remaining cavernous passages.

Gellig, Fire, and I explore the passages. Of note, in a collapsed cavern we found the body of a female tiefling who appeared to be a herbalist. She had no identification on her. I planned to lay her to rest before leaving. Gellig and I also noted a lot of ankheg activity. Knowing the creatures often brooded together, we were cautious.

Galanodel, Gi, & Liln explored the “steps”. These uneven, large rocks led up into the mountain. At the top of the passage the group found a large stone door. The heavy door was sealed with no obvious way to open it.

Our group decided to camp the night at the falls beore heading back to Loudwater. Gellig and I were able to note the surrounding country from our vantage point.

  1. To the southwest lay a bog with what appeared to be an island in the middle of it.
  2. To the south-southeast lay an easier route back to Loudwater – making it a 1.5 day journey instead of a 2 day journey.
  3. To the west a curious spout of bluish-orange flame could be seen above the tree line.

During the first watch Gi, the holy man, spotted 2 bugbears approaching our camp. The large one in command, directed the other to run back to camp then rushed us. Gi leapt into action and pursued the fleeing creature, facing him in sole combat and ultimately dispatched him.
The rest of us surrounded the beast that charged our camp but could not pierce its hide. The vile creature cleaved Fire bringing her near death. Stalwart Liln was able land solid crushing blows on the bugbear. In a fury, I called upon the ancient faith and summoned a wolf, tripping the bugbear. The creature tried to rise but my companions lay into him, killing him and rolling the body down into the falls.

We healed ourselves, gathered our belongings and made haste back to Loudwater.

We shall return to this land soon. Some may think it is too far from town, but the vault could be useful and if cleansed be christened as a druidic grove.

~as chronicled by Gorspook Honeywhisper


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