Legends of Loudwater

Acquistion Incorporated Pitch

AI_Symbol.pngLooking to expand into the Loudwater region, the AI emissary has left the below information and prospectus for your consideration.

Become something more than a hero, take your place as part of an AI franchise and have the best tools in the industry at your backing, and a brand that precedes you. No matter how many monsters are sent to the afterlife, magics lain down, doors kicked open, this is a unique opportunity to be at the cutting edge of the adventuring business.

We have a majordomo who would handle your HQ’s in Loudwater with hirelings and you would assume a licensed region. 30 days of training by our staff would net you a company position which is more than a title.

Trade secrets, Home Office leads on treasure and lucrative tasks, and gaining proficiency in the tools and skills associated with your position.


Features and proficiencies associated with each position!! Minimal franchise fees and upkeep costs* -

Don’t head out unprepared, the best idea is to swim in the wake of an existing business!


DariusGI DariusGI