Legends of Loudwater

Goblin Warren / Dwarven Barrow

A deal agreed upon with Lady Moonfire & CPT Harrowleaf to trek to the goblin occupied dwarven barrow and put an end to the goblin threat. The intrepid adventurers took the totem that Curuvar had absconded with and retrieved from Garwan’s Curiosity’s.

They met with traps and goblin resistance, as well as undead remnants of the barrow, but in the end struck a deal with High Shaman Sancossug, the goblin leader who insisted the totem being given back would secure peace and help them usher the return of the Ogre King.

Pardeux felt spiritually that it was right to negotiate and not assail the shaman, he conveyed that to the rest of the party.

The Grey Dawn was hailed as heroes once more after another successful outing that aided Loudwater and the environs.

To Lure Nolurra/Midnight Market

The five of us awoke at The Green Lantern after the journey back from Bugbear Falls. While finishing our recovery over breakfast at our favorite tavern-inn, we set out determined to ensnare the elusive slave-trading Hin, known as Nolurra, and bring her to justice. We devised multiple approaches, weighing out the possibilities of each one, before settling on acting as an escort for a merchant wagon.

We wandered through the open market of Loudwater, as I, Galanodel, mingled with the travelling merchants, making connections and prying information about which among them had ambitions to take their business westward. Through the chatter, we gained information that a merchant by, the name of Hudson McBay, was planning on braving the journey to Zelbross and trade some precious stones for coin. We were easily able to locate him dining alone in Fisherman’s Friend, the tavern set on the docks of Loudwater along the Gray Flow. After introducing ourselves and offering security on that expedition, which he gratefully accepted, we privately built a plan to trick Nolurra’s band of thugs should we encounter them.

The group split into two, myself and Liln left to procure an empty chest; Gi Pardeux, Gorspook, andGellig went to purchase some hay bales and reconnect with Mephis to reestablish our commitment to joining him on his crusade against evil spirits. We recovened at the western gate of Loudwater and set off on our trek. Our plan was to minimize the appearance of the travelling party’s forces by having Gellig ride inside the covered wagon (with the empty chest which was intended to lure the brigands), Liln to ride next to Hudson on the buckboard, Gi Pardeux and myself to walk alongside the wagon, and Gorspook to run a roving perimeter on his wolfhound Fire.

Day one was uneventful, but a fine day for travel. Halfway through the second day, we were making our way along the road and I was loudly singing songs of grand wealth while our eyes were trained on the foliage surrounding the trail. Without warning, we heard cries of anguish on the south side of the road. Upon a hill, we saw two figures. One of them, was standing and attempting to fight of vines and tall grasses which were wrapping themselves around his legs and climbing his arms. The other was completely bound to the ground by the frantic flora. To the right of that chaos, Gorspook rode Fire toward us over the crest of the hill, waving his arms to alert us that he was involved. Hudson stalled the wagon along the road so we could find out what exactly was taking place there. Liln bounded off the wagon’s buckboard and quickly hopped to confront the two suspicious figures on the hill. The man who was grappled to the ground by the plants, stood up. I walked swiftly to the base of the hill and let an arrow fly toward him. My shot was better than I had hoped, as I struck him in the forehead felling him instantly. We needed at least one of them to stay alive so that we could collect information which would help us locate Nolurra. Gorspook channeled his natural magics to create a flash which would temporarily blind our suspect, so that we could easily overcome and interrogate him. Unfortunately, it seemed that Liln took the brunt of that flare. Nonetheless, Liln hit the highwayman, knocking him unconscious. Gorspook quickly went to work binding him as he lay in the weeds.

Gellig and Gi Pardeaux stayed back to protect the caravan. While the skirmish was taking place on the southside of the road, there was a rustling in the trees on the northside. Gellig noticed it first and drew his weapon. To their horror, an aberration came bounding out of the woods. It had the body of a great cat, the face of a primate, and its tail had a hand-shaped appendage on the end. With the threat from the bandits on the hill eliminated, the group coalesced and the twisted, fearsome beast. The group was so overcome with the disturbance of its appearance and bizarre habit of vocally echoing our own words, that the team struggled to even make contact. It took the efforts of everyone on our team to fell the beast.

In the battle, the creature had blinded Liln with its venom. We did our best to comfort him and lead him into the wagon, along with Gellig. Regarding the tied up rogue, we spent some time interrogating him without gleaning much useful information. We reasoned that he was truthfully admitting that he and his former companion were plotting to rob merchant wagons on their journey and that they had come from the ruins of a temple in northern Zelbross. We were left unsure if he had any direct knowledge of Nolurra. He denied any association, but there remained an aire of doubt. We deliberated over what to do with our captive. As a bargaining chip in the interrogation we offered that his binds would be undone in exchange for answering our questions, but had not settled on what to do with him beside that. The group determined that we would take his weapons and armor and release him in, while suggesting that he continue down the road to Loudwater and abandon his plans to gain wealth through theft. All went according to plan, as much as we could tell.

We pressed hard that last day, crossing a stream and moving at a hustled pace to enter Zelbross around nightfall. The town itself is an eerie place. We brought the merchant wagon to a stable, run by a pair of dirty children, adjacent to a pub house there. It was in the pub house, named Fort Muck, that Hudson had planned to meet his contact. Gi Pardeaux and I joined our charge inside. I’ve been in some strange taverns, but this was something like I had never seen. The place was run by the lizard-like creatures known as Sahuagin. There were corrupt appearing beings of a wide variety here, and a pair of halflings who, by overhearing their laments, seemed to have been recently swindled out of some money. Hudson found his customer and began their deal, Gi Pardeaux and I stood just off to the side of their table to keep an eye on the surrounding riffraff. The deal wasn’t going so well, so I utilized my expertise in appraisal and negotiations to bring the feline-like being into reason. Through the back and forth, we won him over, Hudson made his sale, and we were paid.

While the trade transpired within the miscreant meeting place, Gorspook and Gellig put their botanical, holistic medicine skills to the test. They had collected some tar moss on our way to Zelbross, hoping that their knowledge of its properties could be useful in the brewing of a cure for Liln’s blindness. Between the supplies in their healing kits, their pharmacology, and the will to heal their companion, they were able to produce something they were fairly confident would aid his recovery.

After our goals were met, we secured a couple of rooms at the inn, tried some of the questionable libations offered to us, then braved the streets in search of the legendary Midnight Market. We had heard that there are merchants who deal in exotic and unusual wares at incredible prices. The merchant square was every bit as strange as professed in the local gossip. The dealers there were from extremely uncommon origins and their offerings not seen in any market I’ve ever parlayed. We did business with a human who seemed nervous, Gorspook purchased a chain shirt for Liln and an interesting, enchanted buckler, the properties of which we still needed to discover. We also met the undead merchant. The interaction with this merchant, was unnerving due to their spooky presence, but the selection of scrolls they sold were very useful and priced very low. I bought a scroll of Cure Blindness (with the hopes of using it to cure Liln) and a scroll of Knock. We quickly gathered our purchases and rushed back to the inn to rest before leaving this lawless town.

On the following morning, we woke and return to the tavern portion of the inn to find it devoid of life, apart from the cranky halflings still bitter from the theft the night before. We abandoned our empty chest and hay with Hudson and hit the trail. We were able to safely, and slowly, make our way back to Loudwater. Thankfully, the ointment made by Gorspook and Gellig had helped Liln, as the harengone’s eyesight was gradually returning throughout the trip home. We were disappointed that we had completed the escorting job without coming into contact with Nolurra or her gang, but reveled in the experiences we had along the way.

After speaking briefly with Marsh at The Green Tankard, we visited Curavar the Brazen. He was asking for us and wanted to share his recent conversation with Moonleaf about the horn totem he had stolen from a goblin tribe. He made us an offer to settle the conflict with the goblins by either returning the totem to them with a peaceful pact or to eliminate their presence from near Loudwater by whatever mean necessary. They are set up in an old dwarven ruin, south of town. He informed us that his main observation about their dwelling was the presence of traps. With plenty of daylight remaining, we thought it sufficient to leave the same day we arrived, to treat the threat with urgency.

We made our way through the Southwood and found the location we received from Curavar’s instructions. Passing through the crumbling stone structures, we found the entrance to a pit. This must be the place. We prepare ourselves to enter the unknown.

Loudwater Rumor Mill
No skill check required
  • The people of Loudwater respect Mephis, but there is also a general sense of fear of him.
  • Travelers & merchants have relayed talk of a Midnight Market in the town of Zelbross to the SW. Folks speak of an undead proprietor that runs shop which trades in arcane items.
  • Farmers to the NW spoke of increased gnoll sightings.
  • Reports of elven attacks against humans in the Direwood have frightened many common folk, as talk of the Eldreth Veluuthra from years past is mentioned.
Acquistion Incorporated Pitch

AI_Symbol.pngLooking to expand into the Loudwater region, the AI emissary has left the below information and prospectus for your consideration.

Become something more than a hero, take your place as part of an AI franchise and have the best tools in the industry at your backing, and a brand that precedes you. No matter how many monsters are sent to the afterlife, magics lain down, doors kicked open, this is a unique opportunity to be at the cutting edge of the adventuring business.

We have a majordomo who would handle your HQ’s in Loudwater with hirelings and you would assume a licensed region. 30 days of training by our staff would net you a company position which is more than a title.

Trade secrets, Home Office leads on treasure and lucrative tasks, and gaining proficiency in the tools and skills associated with your position.


Features and proficiencies associated with each position!! Minimal franchise fees and upkeep costs* -

Don’t head out unprepared, the best idea is to swim in the wake of an existing business!

Bugbear Falls (a.k.a. Razorfell Falls)

My companions and I recuperated from our battle against the foul forces inhabiting the Kine Vault and explored the remaining cavernous passages.

Gellig, Fire, and I explore the passages. Of note, in a collapsed cavern we found the body of a female tiefling who appeared to be a herbalist. She had no identification on her. I planned to lay her to rest before leaving. Gellig and I also noted a lot of ankheg activity. Knowing the creatures often brooded together, we were cautious.

Galanodel, Gi, & Liln explored the “steps”. These uneven, large rocks led up into the mountain. At the top of the passage the group found a large stone door. The heavy door was sealed with no obvious way to open it.

Our group decided to camp the night at the falls beore heading back to Loudwater. Gellig and I were able to note the surrounding country from our vantage point.

  1. To the southwest lay a bog with what appeared to be an island in the middle of it.
  2. To the south-southeast lay an easier route back to Loudwater – making it a 1.5 day journey instead of a 2 day journey.
  3. To the west a curious spout of bluish-orange flame could be seen above the tree line.

During the first watch Gi, the holy man, spotted 2 bugbears approaching our camp. The large one in command, directed the other to run back to camp then rushed us. Gi leapt into action and pursued the fleeing creature, facing him in sole combat and ultimately dispatched him.
The rest of us surrounded the beast that charged our camp but could not pierce its hide. The vile creature cleaved Fire bringing her near death. Stalwart Liln was able land solid crushing blows on the bugbear. In a fury, I called upon the ancient faith and summoned a wolf, tripping the bugbear. The creature tried to rise but my companions lay into him, killing him and rolling the body down into the falls.

We healed ourselves, gathered our belongings and made haste back to Loudwater.

We shall return to this land soon. Some may think it is too far from town, but the vault could be useful and if cleansed be christened as a druidic grove.

~as chronicled by Gorspook Honeywhisper

Razorfell Falls & The Vault of Reslin Kine
Be wary of dismembered appendages

Liln, Gi, Galanodel, Gellig, and I set off from Loudwater to the northwest through the Dire Woods towards the Skysplinter Mountains and Razorfell Falls.

It was an uneventful two-and-half day hike to Razorfell. Curiously, upon reaching Razorfell Falls the group easily dispatched a bugbear scout/guard positioned outside of the falls. The companions entered the cave behind the falls and navigated a bat filled cavern without disruption. Using the journal of Reslin Kine, I, Gorspook, spoke into the darkness at the end of the cavern that I was Nera Kine here to claim my inheritance. The vault heard my request and opened.

Upon entering the vault proper, Gi smeared his blood across the swords of the guardian statues as directed by Reslin’s notes. However, the vault’s guardian must have recognized that Gi was not one of Reslin’s descendants and attacked! An armored contract with a magnificent warhammer attacked, but our group destroyed it without too much injury to ourselves.

We continued to explore the rooms of the vault hoping to find the arms and armor that Reslin left for his kin – to our dismay we found a rust monster had found the treasures first. Only piles of rust, the carcass of a rust monster, and 2 swords remained…and the 2 swords attacked us! However with Fire’s help these were easily destroyed as well. The only other item left intact was a marble statue and atop the statue was a timid pseudodragon. I coaxed the pseudodragon down by speaking kindly to it in draconic and offering it some jerky. It came down and immediately settled itself upon Gellig’s shoulder. The creature had a collar on it with a tag that it gnomish said “Peck”. We thought that the creature must be the sole survivor of one of the other groups that Curuvar had sent to the vault.

It the other rooms we found more ruin. Rust monsters had destroyed piles of arms and armor and evidence of Ankheg burrows – the Stryix was also gone! By chance I discovered a secret room – we entered only to find a dismembered hand with an evil ring ready to attack! The hand attempted to strangle Gi the holy man, though the group fought it off and destroyed the evil thing. We kept the two rings it had if not only to make sure they didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

As we continued to explore we found evidence that someone or something had broken into the vault through the walls. We explored the natural caverns and killed yet another rust monster. Gi, the holy man, must have an episode of divine inspiration as he swam in an underground spring and found a corpse while the rest of us were scouting.

The cavern led to the main chamber of Reslin’s vault upon which we found a women weeping – however, it was no woman – but some ghoulish, undead hag. The fiendish creature screamed at us with an unnatural keen. The group was paralyzed with fear – only I stood fast. As she approached my companions I leapt between them and her – using the magic of the Ancient Faith I transformed into a wolf ready to tear her limb from limb. The undead creature sank her claws into me and her poison caused my limbs to become as immobile as stone. My fierce companions overcame their fears and attacked the creature. Gi was unable to affect her with his holy symbol. However they attacked fiercely, they did not allow her to strike them, but instead struck the unnatural creature down and she was destroyed.

As we recovered from the fight we found the main chamber of the vault was also ruined as the creature had made her lair there. Gi the holy man, again struck by some sort of divine inspiration, dove into the ruin and waste of the creature’s nest. We helped him and recovered some items of value, including a magical rope. Amongst the ruin, Gi also found the Stryix!!!

In the cavernous areas there remain a couple unexplored passages. Also there remains the mystery of the lone bugbear.

~as chronicled by Gorspook Honeywhisper

comments and additions welcome

Goblins at the gate

As the party decides to head out to begin the hunt for the Streeix, a commotion begins at the west gate. Residents are yelling for the guard as they vacate the area, hiding in homes and stores.

Unmanned, and slightly ajar, the normally closed gate is beginning to let in an unwelcome site. Atop the parapets, the party spies the culprits. Two goblinoid figures have scaled the wall from the outside and cracked open the city entrance. Gellig the gnome quickly fires upon one and drops it below vision. The holy man, Pardeaux, commands the other to flee, to which the creature abides.

Goblins flow in through the gate on foot as Spook the Hin commands the large wolf hound, Fire to rush them in a frenzy. Captain Harroleaf of Loudwater draws a sword and moves to defend his city as a not-so-willing fellow guard hesitates and stays close to his back. Liln, a Harengone from another realm runs into the starting fray. And Gallanidel, the musical moon elf creates a song of battle to push the allies to victory.

After a short melee where blows are exchanged, the party is able to move past the creatures where Pardeaux is dispatching a spell casting goblin. During this final push, two more of the green skinned goblins are found to have come down off a roof inside the city, harassing the townsfolk. A quick fight begins, and just as quickly the intruders are gone and the city can start getting back to their lives.

Gratitudes are given to the newly formed party as they contemplate the next move.

Beginnings at The Tankard

Liln – Harengone fighter
Gellig – Gnomish ranger
Galanodel Illunathros – Elven bard
Gi Pardaeux – Human cleric of Tamara
Gorspook – Ghostwise Hin druid

The companions, each with their own motives, found common purpose in Loudwater’s Green Tankard Inn. Adventurers had been sparse in the Gray Vale of late, yet there were many requests requiring individuals of bravery and skill.

The group perused the job postings on the Tankard’s bulletin and selected a few profitable jobs to gather more information on.

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